If we want to achieve true peace in the world,
we have to start with the children.

(Mahatma Gandhi, 1931)

Thanks to the support of the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, the exhibition can be continued until August 31, 2023.

About the exhibition

Russia's war against Ukraine is robbing Ukraine of its future - and not just in a figurative sense. Russia is kidnapping Ukrainian children and taking them to its or its occupied territories. According to the latest data from the National Information Office, 24 children have been kidnapped or abducted since the start of the large-scale invasion on February 2022, 19.514 - the number of unreported cases is much higher and is in the hundreds of thousands.

The organization Save Ukraine does in cooperation with kleine herzen attention to this crime by Russia in Ukraine and is raising the necessary substantial funds for the return of the stolen children to their homeland.

Our exhibition shows the suffering of children and their families in war and the desperation when their own children are abducted. But we also show the light-heartedness of the children from Kropyvnytskyi who were evacuated to Austria and who are waiting in southern Burgenland for the end of the war in their homeland.

Exhibition online : children-in-war.org

Contact: info[at]children-in-war.org

Save Ukraine is the only NGO in Ukraine that regularly organizes and successfully carries out rescue missions to repatriate Ukrainian children. In this way, countless children who were forcibly deported from Russia and the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia have already been saved.

kleine herzen is committed to protecting children. This also includes bringing them to safety from war and abduction. As early as March 2022, a children's home from the Kirovograd region with 63 babies and toddlers and their carers was opened with the support of Save Ukraine evacuated to Austria. Here they are safely waiting for the end of the war in their homeland.

So far, only a very small proportion of the children kidnapped by the Russians have been returned to their desperate families. Far too many children are detained, are no longer allowed to bear their Ukrainian names, are lied to and manipulated.

But that can be changed.

Every life saved matters.
Every donation is important.

Help Ukraine get back her stolen future.


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Save the Date

Exhibition June 21 to July 10, 2023

auditorium in WestSpace (old business university), Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna

Implementation and planning in cooperation with kleine herzen:

  • Yana Gryniv, curator of the exhibition in Vienna, art curator, founder of Art Contact Ukraine
  • Ganna Gnedkova, author and translator, head of the Media Center of the Ukrainian Community in Vienna (muc.wien)


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