Project "Save Me" – Backpacks for Ukrainian children who need to be evacuated from combat zones.

Christmas isn't a day or a season, it's a state of mind! Being in the spirit of Christmas means keeping alive that magical atmosphere made up of a multitude of little things, moments, intentions and most importantly, parts.


Christmas is also an opportunity for us to reaffirm our deep gratitude for your generosity, support, encouragement and humanity.


The Ukrainian people have been suffering for more than nine months now, fighting for their right to live in peace in their homeland.

Suffering the loss of a loved one, seeing your house in ruins, losing everything you have built up for years, not knowing how to feed and warm your family - this is the inhuman fate that Ukrainians suffer today.


So let's think of them this Christmas, keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


We're just passengers on Earth with the ability to beautify or destroy it.

Only when we recognize that the richness of our world is in its diversity and not in the money and goods we own will peace be able to triumph over misery and war.

We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Thanks to you we believe in a better world, a world of sharing, solidarity and fraternity.
May peace return to Ukraine!


Merry Christmas !


Pascale, Jeannet, Christine, Nathalie, Marta,
Tatiana, Wolfgang, Stephan, Anna