Almost two years ago, I evacuated 63 young children from a Ukrainian orphanage. When they arrived in Austria at the end of March 2022, the youngest child was only three months old and 20 of them were not even a year old.

There are currently 54 children between the ages of 2 and 8; some of the children who were originally evacuated have now returned to Ukraine.

Since then, the carers who were evacuated with the children and the children have been part of my family. I love them all very much.

During the week I live in the orphanage. My responsibility is to ensure that the children lack nothing and that they grow up healthy and surrounded by love and attention. The majority of children go to kindergarten and school and need educational and psychological support.

Occupational therapy for our little ones

We would like to thank our children's godparents for their valuable support, which enabled us to set up a therapy room in the hotel where we live.

This inexplicable and murderous war that killed thousands of innocents, shook and destroyed an entire country, led me to give and share and in return receive what cannot be bought:

Humanity, gratitude and love.

Thank you!

However, I could never have achieved this without the generous help of private donors, companies, clubs and foundations who supported and continue to support me and my gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you for your valuable support! We still need you.

Would you like to make a donation in kind? You can find what we need .

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