An emergency shelter for a family whose house was bombed, in cooperation with the partner organization Save Ukraine

Help for families in need in cooperation with the partner organization #HelpBucha

On February 24, the Russian army invaded Ukraine from the north, east and south of the country. This was the beginning of a dirty and shocking war.

The city of Hostomel's airport was one of Russia's main targets, since its capture would facilitate effective air raids on Kyiv. Irpin, Bucha and the neighboring small towns were chosen as ideal targets to serve as Russian military bases to encircle the capital.

From February 24 to April 1, numerous towns and villages in the Kyiv region were attacked or occupied by Russian troops. Only in early April were Ukrainian forces able to liberate the region and uncover the full extent of the horrific war crimes committed by Russian soldiers.

Andrii's family

The family lives in Bucha. They have two children, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 8. Just before the war began, Andrii had just finished furnishing her new home. The construction of the new house lasted 8 years.

On March 4, when the Russian army had been temporarily driven out of Bucha by Ukrainian forces, the father had his wife and two children evacuated.

Andrii's family home was bombed and the family lost everything. After the liberation of Bucha, the mother and the two children returned. The family lived in a shared apartment with other families, each with only one room to live in.

Thanks to the financial support of kleine herzen and the team from Save Ukraine we were able to build a comfortable shelter that would give the family a decent life and a glimmer of hope.

An emergency shelter for 4 people, fully furnished with a kitchen and bathroom, costs EUR 17.000. Every euro that is donated helps.

Help build an emergency shelter for a family

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The family of Ihor

The family comes from the town of Hostomel near Kyiv. The father, mother and their two sons aged 5 and 9 lost everything in the bombing. Their house, where they had lived since 1991, was completely destroyed.

The family now rents a room in an apartment that they share with other families. The room was partially damaged by the shelling and it will be impossible to live there when it gets cold.

The family has no place to live.

kleine herzen helps in collaboration with #HelpBucha Families from Bucha, Irvin, Hostomel, and the Kyiv region survive.

A family can be helped with a contribution of just EUR 30 per month. Sponsor a child from a family that fell victim to the war. This sponsorship enables you to get in touch with the family personally.


We must not ignore what people in Ukraine suffer every day.

Help us to help !