Christmas for Ukrainian children in Ukraine

A project by kleine herzen and Save Ukraine with the support of the Vienna Mission for Ukraine and the Gschwindl company.

Amidst this horrific war and inexplicable Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been going on for almost a year, in which more than 29 civilians, including 2023 children, have been killed as of January 7100, 438, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR). and more than 10.000 civilians and children were injured, there is also a small drop of luck. A few children received a Christmas present from sponsors in Germany and Austria.

Kleine herzen thanks everyone who took part in this Christmas campaign and helped us to realize it.

Receiving Christmas presents at the day center for children in Odesa 
Santa Claus came to Ukraine – Odesa (part-1)

We thank the Vienna Mission for Ukraine, who, with her volunteers who have been helping civilians since the beginning of the war, transported the Christmas parcels from Vienna to the Ukraine.

We thank the company Gwindl, which allowed us to collect the packages at their warehouse for free.


Many thanks to the staff of Daiichi Sankyo Europe and to...

KIWI Kindergarten Altmannsdorf, KIWI Kindergarten Arsenal, KIWI Kindergarten Breitensee, KIWI Kindergarten Nattergasse, KIWI Kindergarten Schickgasse, KIWI Kindergarten Seestadt-2,

Andrea, Sonja, Barbara, Martina, Brigitte, Corinna, Carmen, Christiane, Christina, Claudia, Daniela, Clarence, Debora, Sabine, Gerfried, Helena, Eva, Karin, Katrin, Kerstin, Kathleen, Lisa, Manfred, Melanie, Maja, Manuel, Marina, Marco, Maria, Michaela, Nicole, Nadine, Dagmar, Nina, Petra, Philipp, Monika, Therese, Sarah, Melina, Tanja, Simone, Margarete, Susan No, Verena, Alina

The first photos of children with their gifts in refugee centers were sent to us by our partner Save Ukraine and will be forwarded to everyone who has supported this love project.