Thanks to the generous donations from the godparents of our Ukrainian children in Neudauberg, every child had their Christmas wish come true.

The Christmas packages sent by the godparents were lovingly packaged and contained not only the gift(s) for each child, but also sweets. We thank our godparents from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity and for the great joy that we were able to experience together.

The gifts were distributed on the morning of December 25th, just after breakfast, and almost everyone was in their pajamas. Petro, the head of the orphanage, was dressed as Santa Claus and a carer was dressed as Snegurochka, the Slavic Santa Claus's niece.

Some children were afraid of Santa Claus. The big man with his white beard is quite frightening.

The happiness of children makes us forget the harsh reality of the war in Ukraine, from which so many children and their families suffer.

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