“Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

It is up to us!

We are all living in an extremely dangerous time in our history. The war in Ukraine killed thousands of people, destroyed entire families, psychologically destroyed an entire generation of children and why? There is no good reason to destroy the lives of innocent people. A dictator and his henchmen are in charge, destroying for greed while brainwashing their people.

When the war started, we were all shocked and many of us helped, whether by supporting organizations that were working on the ground, by supporting organizations that helped refugees who had found refuge, especially in Europe, or through personal commitment. It's been more than two years now and life has returned to normal, so war... It's not with us, and then all the refugees, many are saying to themselves that it's enough. Some choose to entrench themselves in an every-man-for-himself policy. What's the score? The right-wing extremist parties with their exaggerated populism and their politics of “fearmongering” are becoming more and more successful. Where has our humanity gone? Every life on earth is valuable. I don't belong to any religion, but isn't it written in every religion that destroying the lives of others is an anti-religious act and that helping others is a blessed act?

We must continue to fight for peace, democracy, freedom, equality and fraternity.

I'm talking about Ukraine, but what I write also applies to the war in Gaza. How many innocent people and children have been killed, suffering from malnutrition. How many families were destroyed?

I know that what I write cannot change anything, but I have to write it because the suffering of my brothers and sisters on Earth touches me deeply and gives me the energy to help with the means at my disposal.

Money, possessions, have blinded us. But it's not too late to make a change.

No to the loss of our rights, to hatred, totalitarianism, populism and political propaganda!

Let's stay human! If we choose selfishness and every man for himself, we will all perish.

Pascale Vayer