It's already June 5th, more than 100 days of war, and the war is escalating. Bombs are falling everywhere, frightening the already traumatized population every day. People are injured or killed and evacuations are becoming increasingly difficult.

Meanwhile, my friends 1000 km away are preparing for their holidays in the sun, worried that the extreme heat this summer could become unbearable. What a contrast! And yet it is life. We have lived this life as it is for centuries. There have always been wars and they haven't stopped us from living. Some were so far from us. But this war here, it's on our doorstep. We should worry about that. It is not just a war between Russia and Ukraine, it is a war in Europe, a war between totalitarianism and democracies.

My 63 Ukrainian little children are safe in Burgenland and surrounded by love. Emotional bonds are built. The employees live with the children at all times. Each employee looks after three children, almost all of whom are the same age. The little ones learn to walk, stammer “Mama” and stretch out their arms. I listen to their needs. I need to hear them laugh, see them play happy and just see them happy.

We have set up small pools in the garden. Today it was very hot and the children laughed loudly and jumped into the small pools while golfers played concentrated around us.

Life is beautiful for our little ones and for us who see them happy.

Yes, life is beautiful!