Thanks to the generous support of greentube The 140 children in our children's centers in Phnom Penh and Ratanakiri can start their new school year from January 2024 under excellent conditions.

Although public school is free, families are required to pay school fees to cover the costs of mandatory school uniform, school supplies, books, notebooks, transportation and meals. The children in the children's centers of our partner, the Future Light Organization, come from extremely poor families, from ethnic minority families and from families that do not have the financial and educational resources to support their children's education. This is the reason why these families turn to the Future Light organization.

The children live in one of the two children's centers during the school year, attend public school and receive the support they need for their education.

We thank Greentube for the opportunity to provide school materials for 140 children and school uniforms for 65 children at our children's center in Ratanakiri. Greentube also supports the children's medical costs. There is no social security in Cambodia, so the cost of treatment must be borne entirely by patients.

Through its generosity and loyalty to our projects, Greentube has given needy children in Cambodia access to education.
Cooperated for four years greentube with kleine herzento meet the daily needs of children from extremely poor families or orphans. These children live in Future Light Organization (FLO) children's centers in Phnom Penh and Banlung, Cambodia.