Children's happiness is priceless

19 needy children from Russia and Ukraine experienced 10 days of happiness, thanks to the dedication, generosity and kindness of an entire town in Lower Austria, Waidhofen an der Ybbs.

For the third time, the President of the National Council, Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka, with his project "Give a smile - take responsibility“ Children aged 9 to 12 to forget their miserable lives and discover a hospitable country where they could enjoy a children's holiday for the first time in their lives.

You will never forget this vacation. They were full of firsts: flying, skiing, ice skating, pottery, bread making and most of all being welcomed with open arms by all the people who gave their time and support to make them happy.

The project

The friendship between them and with Maxi, an Austrian boy of the same age, was touching.

Letter from Maxi
Maxi, Sabine, and Timur

News from ORF and ORF Lower Austria:

10 days full of activities, joy, laughter and emotions. More than 2000 photos were taken. Here are some of them: