For more than two years, Ukrainian families have lived in constant fear of losing a beloved husband, brother or uncle fighting for their country's freedom. They suffer from the constant threat of bombing and the fear of losing everything they know. Their children are traumatized by the frequent alarms and, for those in the war zones, by missiles and drones.

We all live in the peaceful European Union. Of course, not everything is perfect, but we can live without the constant fear that a missile will hit our family or home.

I recently spent a week in Ukraine visiting the families in Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel and Horenka, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors through the partnership with SaveUkraine get help. For almost two years we have been supporting 30 children who have lost either a father or a brother and most of them lost their homes in the bombings in March 2022.

Unfortunately, the situation of these families has not improved. Most of them live in containers next to the ruins of their former homes. Some have tentatively begun rebuilding, but lack the financial means to do so. The state has still failed them and they are waiting for support without much optimism.

So much suffering and tears were shed!

No human being has the right to take life, destroy it and cause pain. No one!

I would like to thank all the sponsors who support these children from the bottom of my heart. Some of them have contact with the family of their godchild, which is very valuable because it makes the family feel less alone.

Thank you all!


Please help us help these families! Let us be a ray of light together in this sea of ​​tears!