Christmas 2023: Many of you took part in the Christmas campaign for Ukrainian children and wanted to take part yourself. In collaboration with our partners, the company Gschwindl, the organization Vienna Mission for Ukraine and the organization SaveUkraine, 216 children from Save Ukraine refugee centers in different regions of Ukraine were able to receive a gift thanks to your help.

The implementation of the project was difficult due to the bombing and the dangers of transportation. For this reason, we have not been able to inform you about the success of the project until today.

This project could not have been realized without the commitment and generous help of our partners:

die Company Gschwindl, where we could store the gifts in Vienna,

the organization Vienna Mission for Ukraine, which transported the gifts from Vienna to Lviv in the Ukraine,

the organization SaveUkraine, which transported the gifts to Ukraine and distributed them to children in their refugee centers.

Our gratitude is huge.

Unfortunately, it turned out that 17 gifts went missing during the operation. kleine herzen took the initiative to finance the missing gifts and Save Ukraine provided them so that no child would be left without a gift.

Thank you for the emotion I felt when looking at the photos. I just cried.

Can there be a reason for war if children fall victim to it? What right do you have to destroy the lives of others, especially children?

Children in Ukraine have been suffering for two years. Bombing, sirens, displacement, lack of health care, stable education, educational facilities and even starvation are facts that affect thousands of children, not to mention the children trafficked to Russia, a generation that has little or no ability to recover will recover.


Let us stand together against adversity, hatred, selfishness, racism and greed for profit.

Peace for all must be our commitment
and be our goal.