Surviving after losing everything, your home, your job, your health and sometimes a loved one, surviving in a room with broken windows, no heating and for many families no electricity, this is the extremely precarious situation of many families in the Ukraine.

kleine herzen has worked with #HelpBucha took the initiative to support families affected by the war by sponsoring their children. Our goal is to offer support and, most importantly, hope.

No, these children are not alone, because when you sponsor a Ukrainian child, you support their family and bring a little warmth and maybe a little happiness to a child traumatized by war.

We guarantee that your sponsorship donation of EUR 30 per month will be fully passed on to the family, with an additional EUR 20 winter support through kleine herzen. Thanks to our cooperation with #HelpBucha, you can also send the child a package.

Thanks to our cooperation with #HelpBucha you can also send a package to the child.

Open your heart and become a godmother to a war-affected Ukrainian child


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