A few days ago, the Ukrainian national radio broadcast a short radio report about all the projects that kleine herzen implemented in Ukraine. The report was made after an interview with Pascale Vayer, the translation is attached.

We are pleased about the recognition of our work and thank the Ukrainian radio for the report.

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The Austrian aid organization "Kleine Herzen” Caring for the Ukrainian Orphans (Audio)

The non-profit association from Austria “kleine herzen” has been caring for orphans and needy children in Ukraine for over 10 years. More than a dozen successful projects have been implemented in our country, which have cost a total of more than one million euros. Our correspondent from Vienna reports.

The founder and driving force of “kleine herzen” is Pascale Vayer- a native of France who has been living in Austria for a long time. In 2006 she visited the Ukraine for the first time and saw with her own eyes the hardship of the local children's institutions. She was so impressed that Ms. Vayer retired and decided to help. It all started with sponsorship campaigns for selected children in family homes – financed at their own expense and with funds from friends and acquaintances. A short time later when you organize “kleine herzen” founded, she has gained the trust of some big sponsors and was able to finance important projects.

So z. B."kleine herzen” built a family house near Kiev, expanded and equipped a children's village in Pnikut, renovated and expanded a health village for children in Yablunytza, built and furnished a new center for street children in Fastiv and much more. The Austrian organization is currently supporting “kleine herzen” 12 Ukrainian family houses where 100 orphans live.
All facilities that “kleine herzen” financed, belong to Caritas-spes Ukraine and are managed by Caritas-spes Ukraine.

Ms. Vayer is also very keen to help the state orphanages. That's where the need is at its cruelest, she says. Not only does a lot of bureaucracy stand in the way of this good cause, but also corruption. As an example, the chairwoman mentioned the situation with an orphanage for severely disabled children in the Kharkiv region. "kleine herzen” is against corruption and does not bribe anyone, she insists.

I would like to say that "kleine herzen” bears the Austrian seal of approval for donations, its activities and finances are transparent, its reputation – spotless. For her tireless voluntary work, Pascale Vayer received an award at the highest level - the Golden Medal of Merit of the Republic of Austria.

From Vienna, Oksana Didenko, Ukrainian National Radio.