kleine herzen has been supporting since the beginning of the war in cooperation with the “Successful Ukraine Foundation” under the project name “Help Bucha“ Over 30 families and their children through sponsorships and donations in kind. In a series of short portraits we want to make the fate of children visible so that we never forget what this war is doing to the children of the invaded Ukraine.

Today: Sasha, 10 years old

28 October 2023

Sasha is a boy from a family of three boys, of which he is the middle one. The three children are raised by their mother and lived in the Kherson region lived that was occupied by Russia.

Sasha missed almost 2 years of formal education due to the war, leaving him with a huge gap in his knowledge. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian military, they managed to escape the region. The time under the occupation, with its constant bombing and shelling, disrupted their lives so much that even now it is difficult for the whole family to get used to a normal daily routine. The Russians confiscated or destroyed all of their electronic devices and denied them access to the Internet and information. As Sasha's mother shared these heartbreaking memories with us, she could barely hold back her tears.

Sasha now lives with his family near Kiev and shows courage and an irrepressible will to master his life. Sasha will soon receive a tablet that will enable him to learn and connect with the world and friends.