This project is an initiative of the “Successful Ukraine Foundation” with the aim of introducing children to the English language through playful and educational measures.

During the war, education for children was only possible to a limited extent, despite all the efforts of the authorities. The children's available resources should be used in the best possible way with English lessons. Learning another language is also essential for the children's future.

Currently 31 children from the suburbs of Kiev are actively involved in the program and are happy about the variety and the new language they can learn. The teaching methods used also motivate the children and awaken their passion.

The teaching content is taught both online and offline, with native English speakers, cinema screenings, games and art education.

This project was carried out by the Rotary Club of Palo Alto, USA in cooperation with kleine herzen eV Germany finances. The project started in July 2023. In order to continue this valuable project, we are grateful for any support.

Smile with English

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