Update from summer 2023

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our generous donors:

The Tomato Whisperer company from Upper Austria.

We would like to thank Dagmar and Thomas Seidl from the bottom of our hearts for their generous donation kleine herzen for the Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland.

Your company “Tomato Whisperer” offers tomato, pepper and chili seeds in an online shop. Among the many tomato seeds, Ukrainian varieties are also offered. The terrible images of the war in Ukraine gave them the idea of ​​using sales to raise money to donate to the victims of the war. Your customers help actively.

The Rotary Club of Palo Alto in California.

Thanks to their generous donation to our US partner organization Neighbors Abroad, we were able to organize English training for children and young people in Bucha, Ukraine together with HelpBucha.org.

Communication in English has proved vital for Ukrainians to work with the West. This necessary skill is especially important for the younger generation. The program teaches up to 40 children aged 8-16 years.

The Rotary Club Fuerstenfeld

for the ongoing generous support of the 61 Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland since 2022.

Thanks to the support of the Rotary Club Fürstenfeld, we were able, among other things, to set up and equip two playgrounds, one outdoor and one indoor. We were also able to provide the children with shoes and clothing if needed.

Furthermore, in a wonderful campaign, they donated a large raised bed, which the Ukrainian carers are happy to use to grow and harvest vegetables just like in their homeland.

Senecura and the municipality of Burgau

for organizing a benefit concert to support 61 Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland, especially for the physiotherapeutic treatment of disabled children.

Since March 27, 2022, Senecura has been hosting the 61 children of the orphanage in Kropyvnytskiy, Ukraine, with 35 carers and their 15 children in a comfortable hotel with 40 rooms in Burgenland.

Donations for the project were collected at an international concert in the church of Burgau.

Matthew O

for his decision to celebrate his milestone birthday by raising funds for our project in Cambodia, which enables poor children to go to school instead of being used for child labor.

The donations will be used for the center in Phnom Penh, where 73 children live, attend school, are supported with additional lessons and grow up with love and care.

melitta s

which, on the occasion of her big birthday, collected donations to support 61 Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland, especially for the purchase of medicines that are not supported by the Austrian healthcare system but are still urgently needed.

The orphans need medicine, especially in the coming winter, to fight colds and vitamin deficiencies.

The Wiesfleck Volunteer Fire Department

for the magical moments you gave our children in Neudauberg and for your donation.

The children were able to dress up as firefighters and jump for joy under a stream of water. It's the magical childhood moments like this that create the most beautiful memories.

To see the video, simply click on the photo.