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Greentube supports the children of FLO Phnom Penh

For three years, Greentube has been cooperating with small hearts to meet the daily needs of children from extremely poor families or orphans. These children live at the Future Light Organization (FLO) children's home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The FLO children's home gives these children the opportunity to go to school, to learn a trade or to study. This helps the children escape the extreme poverty into which they were born.

There are currently 70 children between the ages of 4 and 18 living in the FLO children's home. The financial costs are EUR 3,50 per day per child and include food, hygiene items, medical aid, wood for cooking, electricity, water, transport and the salaries of the FLO staff.
By taking on sponsorships for children, the costs for clothing, shoes and school materials are covered.

Before the COVID 19 pandemic and thanks to local sponsors, the FLO center in Phnom Penh regularly covered 80% of its costs. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, two of the three local sponsors had to stop their business activities and support for FLO.

Thanks to the sponsors and godparents from small hearts, it was possible to cover a large part of the costs. Greentube's support for three years is vital to FLO.

small hearts and FLO would like to thank Greentube for their generous support.