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Cambodia – When school gives children wings

The largest project of small hearts in cooperation with Merk Family Foundation and Future Light Organization was successfully implemented:

To provide ethnic minority children with the education they need to emerge from their precarious social situation.

They laugh and marvel at their new room - they are just happy to be here and to be able to go to school.

Since Cambodian school started on November 1, 2022, 65 ethnic minority children living in the Ratanakiri region have had access to schooling.

Ethnic minority children have not had the opportunity to go to school because their parents live in extreme poverty and schools are inaccessible: difficult roads, rainy seasons, prohibitive costs for school supplies and transport for families.

FLO Children's Center in Banlung, the capital of the Ratanakiri region, supported a small group of ethnic minority children but did not have the infrastructure to respond to the many requests from their parents.

Thanks to the support and collaboration with Merck Family Foundation it was possible to construct a large, comfortable building in the center of FLO, which can accommodate up to 80 children.

The children attend the public school in Banlung, are fed and clothed in the center, receive medical care and receive comprehensive educational support in order to improve their knowledge of the national language Khmer, to learn English and to learn how to use the new technologies.

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Another 15 children are expected shortly.

The opening ceremony of the expansion of the center is scheduled for February 14, 2023, which will be attended by the governor of the Ratanakiri region, the authorities of the region and small hearts, among others.

Help us this FLO center in Banlungto support Ratanakiri by sponsoring a child. 

Education helps to reduce poverty and inequality, improve health and social well-being. Education is also important in promoting tolerance between peoples and helping to create more peaceful societies.