Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

Karl Barth

Thank you!

We thank you, we thank the employees of Daiichi Sankyo and the Hotel Am Konzerthaus Vienna-MGallery
with all my heart for your invaluable support.
They gave a moment of joy in a sea of ​​suffering, fear and tears.

Translation of the thank you letter from “Save Ukraine” –click on the thank you note image to open it.

The entire Save Ukraine team would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your tireless support of the “Christmas Presents” project for war-affected Ukrainian children.

We have to admit that there were challenges along the way. Despite the constant bombing of Ukrainian cities, we are proud to report that all 216 children in our centers across the country received their gifts. Seeing their joy at these gifts was truly heartwarming for all of us. However, in the midst of the attacks, we also had to accept setbacks, as 17 packages were unfortunately lost during this difficult time.

Fortunately, with the invaluable support of our partner organization 'kleine herzen' Austria, which replaced the lost gifts, ensured that every child affected by the war received their gifts. Your generosity, combined with the collective efforts of everyone involved, has brought immeasurable joy to these children. Your smile reminds us of the difference we can make when we come together.

Thank you again for your commitment and your generosity. Together we can make a real difference for the most vulnerable in this war - the children. Your support has not only brought joy into their lives, but also inspired hope and resilience within them.

With sincere appreciation,

Team “Save Ukraine”

Some children shared their gifts with other newly arrived children.

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