Give a smile - take responsibility

Due to the war in Ukraine, the project cannot be carried out.

As part of the social project “Give a smile – bear responsibility” by National Council President Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka in cooperation with kleine herzen every year 20 disadvantaged children from Russia and the Ukraine aged 9 to 11 are invited to spend an unforgettable winter holiday in the beautiful Mostviertel.
The children are either social orphans or come from extremely poor families, forcing some of them to spend their school year in state boarding schools.
This project started in 2019. In 2021 it was not possible to invite the children due to the Covid19 pandemic. From January 17th to 27th, 2022, the children could spend 10 unforgettable days in Waidhofen an der Ybbs.

Austria is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Nowhere else is the combination of quality of life, social security and the opportunity for social advancement as firmly anchored as in our homeland. It is therefore all the more important not only to take note of this fact, but to show initiative for people who have rarely or never been able to get to know the advantages of a carefree life.

President of the National Council of the Republic of AustriaMag. Wolfgang Sobotka

We would like to thank Wolfgang Sobotka and all the sponsors who support this project with the varied program for their valuable support, which enables the children to forget the poverty they live in in their country during their stay.

The children are selected in such a way that those who have excelled within the scope of their possibilities are selected. Be it through hard work at school, or through particularly shown willingness to help other children. The invitation is intended as an incentive to continue making an effort in the future, to take control of your life and to make the best of the opportunities available.

This initiative took place for the third time. The positive effects of this stay on the children who took part in this project can still be felt. For these children it was an unforgettable personal experience.