Poverty prevents a decent life and reduces access to social, educational and cultural goods. Children are the most affected.

Sponsoring a child abroad means helping a child in need grow up, thrive in their country of birth and build an autonomous and responsible adult life.

kleine herzen supports the sponsorship for disadvantaged children in Ukraine since its foundation in 2007, and since April 2019 the sponsorship for disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Many of our sponsors have been supporting a child for more than 12 years

With 1, - Euro per day you can ensure that a child can develop appropriately!

Sponsorship for children in Cambodia

By taking on a sponsorship, you support the center where the child lives. The decision to sponsor a child not only brings him food security and access to medical care, but also an educational sponsorship that funds the school uniform and school supplies the child needs to attend school. Some sponsors also take the opportunity to visit the child.

We guarantee that your sponsorship donation will be fully forwarded to the center where the child lives.

Sponsorship for children in Ukraine

Sponsoring a child in a country at war means showing them that despite the horrors that are perpetrated by humans, humanity comes first. It's a personal way of showing one's condolences to a child and family suffering from war.

For 30 euros a month you help this child and his family to survive. We guarantee that your sponsorship donation will be passed on in full to the family.

Your decision to sponsor a child is a saving decision for the children and their families.

Your generosity will transform lives by providing food, security, shelter, medical care and education to children in need.

Thank you for your decision to sponsor a child.

What are the next steps?

When becoming a sponsor, you get the name and birth date, as well as a photo and address of your child. To have the opportunity get in contact with your godchild. About a personal letter or small gifts your child would particularly since it is no one else's, from which it can expect something.

Your contribution has a great impact, because by the fact that kleine herzen is carried out by volunteers, your contribution goes primarily to the education and medical care of the child as well as to supporting the family or the children's center where it lives.

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