Sponsorship for needy children in the Ukraine and Cambodia, a sponsorship of a different kind: personally and without detours!

Child sponsorship is personal and understandable help. As a sponsor, you take over the support for the monthly maintenance of a child or a young person in one of kleine herzen supervised family home or children's home.

How much is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is possible without great effort and with manageable resources for a good development of a needy child contribute. When taking over a sponsorship you make a minimum monthly contribution (EUR 30), you can also pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually by direct debit, standing order, internet banking or payment slip. Your cost is one euro per day!

kleine herzen supports sponsorships of children in reputable charitable organizations. We make sure that the local organizations and government agencies provide their own contribution to each of the projects we support. Through your sponsorship contribution, you will help a child very concretely and create scope for kleine herzento help more children.

How long does a sponsorship?

The assumption of a child sponsorship does not mean any contractual obligation or commitment for you. You only help as long as you want and can. Our priority is the well-being of the child and that you enjoy helping! If necessary, you can terminate your funding at any time without notice. In this case we try to find a new sponsor for the child. If you would like to end your sponsorship and stop the direct debit authorization, send us an email and we will arrange for the termination to take place immediately. The end of the direct debit authorization is then effective no later than 30 days after information about the end of the sponsorship. Please do not direct debit from your side stop without informing us, otherwise we will have to pay a fee of EURO € 7 for not successful entry of the bank.

In Ukraine …

Supported due to the war in Ukraine kleine herzen sponsorship for children from families who have become victims of the war. These families have lost everything, their homes, their jobs and maybe even a loved one. The children are traumatized and need not only material but also psychological support.

Partner organization in Ukraine: Caritas-Spes Ukraine, #HelpBucha

In Cambodia ...

Our partner FLO (Future Light Organization) puts a focus on the education of children under his care. The kids are at least 18 years old when they graduate from high school. FLO then supports a training program with mentoring and support so that children can be sent to a university or vocational school.

As long as the children attend classes, they will be supported by FLO with tuition and compensation until they have a bachelor's or professional degree. At this stage, these young adults are independent and can make decisions themselves. FLO is also successful in finding decent jobs for the children during their studies.

Partner organization in Cambodia: Future Light Organization

Once a year …

... you will receive a report by email on the projects carried out by kleine herzen with your sponsorship contribution in favor of the children. Through our homepage you can keep up to date with the activities of kleine herzen inform.

Twice a year …

... you will receive mail from your godchild including a current photo. The Ukrainian Children's Homes and Family Houses and the Children's Homes in Cambodia are sending this mail by e-mail to save costs and to be sure that you get your report. There are sometimes problems with foreign e-mails that could be blocked by your Internet provider. For example, we often have problems with the provider "gmx". If you have not received a reply to your emails within 10 days, please inform us, we will forward the reply to your mail to you.


We recommend your letters with Google Translator (http://translate.google.at/ ) Or prompt translator (http://www.online-translator.com/ ) to translate into Ukrainian. Many sponsors do it successfully. If you need help translating your letters, we will be happy to assist you. We are supported here by Ukrainians on a voluntary basis. Please formulate your short letter in as simple a manner as possible. The scanned handwritten letters that you will receive can be translated by us if you wish.


95% of Cambodians speak Khmer, an Austroasiatic language. Khmer is also the official language in Cambodia. In addition, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cham and some other minority languages ​​are used in everyday life. English is spoken as a second language by at least 500.000 Cambodians, particularly younger generations. Some employees of the children's home speak English. Children learn English at school and take additional English classes at the children's home in the afternoon. Please write your emails in English.

The sponsorship allows a personal contact with the child, but that is not a requirement. The child is very happy about regular letters (e-mails) and small gifts for birthday and Christmas.

You can even visit the child, but only with the consent of the children's home/family home, which must be obtained in advance.

Please note that children are traumatized by your terrible life experience. Do not expect immediate response to your letters. These children have to be afraid injured and need time to trust you. Many of these children have not written any letter in their lives and have to write much difficulty.

Giving should give pleasure. For you it is the joy to make a needy child happy, for your godchild it is a great pleasure to receive a personal gift. The children have no relatives who write to you and send packages; They are the only ones who can give this happiness to the child. The gift should meet the age of the child. It does not have to be expensive, but it should be new or as good as new.

The wishes and longings of the local children are no different from those of our children. Here are a few ideas: T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, shower gel, painting and writing sets, Lego or Playmobil (up to 12 years), construction kits, toys, backpacks, handicraft sets, handbags, make-up sets etc...

We ask that you only send parcels with regular mail. Deutsche Post uses the service of DHL and in this case it is not a problem.

Please do not forget to mark the name of your godchild in the address.

Ukraine: The program lasts 2 to 3 weeks in principle - in winter, the roads are often not usable and the program can take up to 5 weeks.
Cambodia: The program basically takes 2 to 3 weeks.

You sponsor a child who may never have had anyone who – just like that – sends him a present for his birthday or for Christmas. Most children are very happy about the contact and spontaneously write a letter or draw a picture. For some, however, the situation is new. They cannot express their gratitude and feelings. In this case, please do not be disappointed. Of course, we guide the child's caregivers to encourage the child to write to you or communicate with you in other ways. But sometimes that is too much of a challenge for the child. Therefore, be generous! Your help is always needed and gratefully accepted.

If you over kleine herzen sponsorship, then help us to realize our projects. If you want to specifically promote a children's home and make further investments that go beyond a sponsorship, we ask you to do so exclusively through us. This is very important for us so that we can adapt our plans accordingly.

Visits to sponsored children are always possible if you do not exceed a certain framework and are aligned with the respective house. Again, we ask you to inform us about your plans and must obtain our release and the release of the individual house for visiting. We reserve the right to veto, the visit to the house or the child should be an excessive burden.

We ask you to discuss or no organizational details with the staff on site to regulate. This hinders us our work and creates a lot of resentment and distrust. If you notice something that prepares you worry, please contact us.

Through you, we can not only finance important projects, but also provide a contact to a loved one to needy and emotionally neglected children. We attach great importance to the fact that godparents and godchildren maintain a genuine and regular exchange - although this is sometimes very difficult due to the language barriers and the physical and mental limitations of the children. Wherever possible, it is even more important for godparents to follow some important rules. We have set them up to protect the children who trust us adults and whom we want to spare another disappointment.