For donations in kind we always need the following:


  • Hygiene products for small children: mild shampoo, shower gel, wet wipes, cotton swabs
  • Diapers No. 8 for our severely disabled children
  • Remedies for small children : cough syrup, paracetamol (Mexalen syrup, ibuprofen syrup), nasal spray, ear drops, eye drops
  • Toys : Building sets such as Lego, outdoor games such as Bobby Cars, tricycles, bicycles for children aged 5 and over, balls, soap bubbles
           No stuffed animals or Barbie dolls please, thank you!
  • Dress: We no longer need clothes for the warm season.
    We would like to thank our godparents and everyone who gave us donations in kind to clothe our 53 children for the beautiful season.
    We will need your support again for the new school year in September.
    No shoes please, thank you!


We are very grateful for every good quality donation.


Please help us to help the Ukrainian orphans in Neudauberg:


Ukrainian orphans Neudauberg

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