Our partners, sponsors and child godparents

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."

Henry Ford

The Club kleine herzen works for the benefit of the children, but this is only possible with the support of our partners, sponsors and child sponsors. We thank everyone for their big heart and commitment.

Partners and Sponsors

To create our mission partnerships between associations, foundations, companies have similar goals, very important. The cooperation with our partners to date has achieved a great deal and we are very grateful.

Our sponsors are an important pillar of our successful projects. Without monetary and material donations we could not help our children in need. The support goes directly to the realization of our projects. All sponsors contribute year after year contributed to the success of our projects, to take this opportunity our special thanks.

Support Project

For more information please contact us at office [at] kleineherzen.org

child godparents

We thank our sponsors of needy children in Ukraine and Cambodia, who not only support them financially on a regular basis, but also accompany them on their way to a better future by building a lasting emotional bond.

The emotional bond between the godparent and the godchild is very important as it encourages the child to learn, gain confidence and open up to the world.

sponsor a child

partners on site

It is important for the success of our projects to work closely with local non-profit organizations in Ukraine and Cambodia, based on transparency and trust. We have a common mission: to help our children, to love them, to raise them compassionately, to support them in their daily lives and to rescue them in an emergency.