Attention, this restriction for tax deductibility does not exist in other European countries. This restriction does not apply to companies.

Explanation of why the association kleine herzen currently cannot offer tax deductibility for our private sponsors in Austria.

Had since 2007 and until the beginning of the war in Ukraine kleine herzen successfully carried out many projects in Russia and the Ukraine and fulfilled many children's dreams. The war in Ukraine forced us to stop our projects in Russia.

Unfortunately, despite the very precarious social situation of orphans and children living in state boarding schools, Russia is not included in the list of the Austrian Ministry of Finance as a country in need of support.

In order to maintain tax deductibility for activities of our association, this would have had the consequence that kleine herzen could only have used less than 25% of the donation received for projects in Russia. However, since Russia was one of the two core countries in which kleine herzen carried out projects for needy children, we could not accept this restriction. This was very unfortunate, other countries in Europe such as Germany, France and Nordic countries also accept community service in Russia.

Due to the new situation kleine Herzen submit an application to the Ministry of Finance in the course of 2024 in order to be able to offer our private sponsors in Austria tax deductibility.

We wholeheartedly thank our private sponsors in Austria who continue to help us despite this situation.

Pascale Vayer, Stephan Kerstof, Wolfgang Januska
Board of Directors kleine herzen