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We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Children in Ukraine need us urgently

Kleine herzen Austria – received donations between February 25 and March 14, 2022: EUR 60.000 Kleine herzen eV Germany – received donations between February 25 and March 7, 2022: over USD 50.000 in cooperation with the US organization “neighbors abroad” , California; 8.000 EUR in Germany Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We get so much support from individuals, families, from companies... Read more

Blog – Our heart beats for Ukraine

Russia's massive attack on an independent Ukraine threatens not only Eastern Europe but also mankind's efforts since World War II to bring about global peace through international rule of law. Millions of Ukrainians have to prepare for a harsh winter. Russian airstrikes have shut down electricity and other utilities, leaving homes without electricity, heating... Read more

A life destroyed in a split second!

A life destroyed in a split second! A life destroyed in a split second! Maxim, 28, father of three young children, was hit by a tree during a hurricane at the end of June 2021 and seriously injured. Maxim and his family urgently needs our help! Maxim, his wife Viktoria, 28, and their three children aged 8, 3... Read more

If not me, who will? If not now then when?

Here are pictures of the distribution of the food boxes and hygiene items. Thanks to the support of some generous people, we are able to help 56 families this summer until the children return to boarding schools. Thanks to the cooperation with our Russian partner, Pskov Children's Foundation, and our contacts in the children's homes, we can provide food and... Read more

Thanks to the help of the Legal Literacy Project, 10 children can live in a warm home again

In Ukraine it is often -20°C in winter, warmth is an absolute necessity. Shortly before the start of winter, the gas boiler in a family home in the Pnikut Children's Village stopped working and was irreparable. Thanks to the quick support of the Legal Literacy Project association, it was possible to replace the gas boiler just before winter temperatures reached -20 °C. In the name of … Read more

School for all children in Cambodia

€25 : 3 meals a day for a child for a month €45 : Essentials for a child for a month includes: hygiene products, medical aid, school supplies, clothing Ratanakiri Province is a province in north-eastern Cambodia. The majority of Ratanakiri's population is made up of ethnic minorities, making up about 10... Read more

A word from the heart: THANKS!

A word from the heart: THANK YOU! €7.250 raised for food parcels Thank you Thanks to the generosity of a hundred donors, in one week we were able to provide food and hygiene products to 250 families living in extreme poverty in the Pskov region of Russia. 100 families have already received their packages, in the next few days the other packages will... Read more

The story of an angel on earth

Anna and her small family urgently need our help. Anna is 26 years old and suffers from hereditary hemolytic anemia - a serious disease that constantly destroys blood cells and thereby also causes other diseases. Anna's mother died in 2013, her father 6 years earlier. Now Anna is taking care of her younger siblings so they don't... Read more