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Sotheary Januska Home of Love

Cambodia, February 14, 2023 Up to 80 children from ethnic minorities can go to school. On February 14, in the presence of the Governor of Ratanakiri Province, His Excellency Chum Reab Suort, local authorities, the President of Future Light Organization Nuong So Thero and Board Members Yit Virasy and Keo Phannarin, the new boarding school was ceremonially inaugurated... Read more

Greentube supports the children of FLO Phnom Penh

For three years, Greentube has been cooperating with small hearts to meet the daily needs of children from extremely poor families or orphans. These children live at the Future Light Organization (FLO) children's home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The FLO children's home gives these children the opportunity to go to school, to learn a trade or to study. ... Read more

Cambodia – When school gives children wings

The largest project of small hearts in cooperation with Merk Family Foundation and Future Light Organization was successfully implemented: giving children from ethnic minorities the education they need to get out of their precarious social situation. They laugh and marvel at their new room - they are just happy to be here and at school... Read more

The children of FLO Phnom Penh and FLO Ratanakiri, Cambodia

A short report about the life of the children of FLO in Cambodia. The war in Ukraine started on February 24th when I was in Cambodia and I haven't been able to tell you about my wonderful stay with the children in Phnom Penh and Ratanakiri until now. Although I was only supposed to spend 15 days in Cambodia, I had to... Read more

Mathilde and the children from FLO in Cambodia

A desire for change, a need to help those most in need, Mathilde took a year of unpaid leave to go to Cambodia and help the children of the FLO children's home as a volunteer. Mathilde arrived in Cambodia in mid-March. After 18 days of quarantine, locked in a hotel, alone in a room, she was finally able to move freely, ... Read more

Painting competition - and the winners are ...

Drawing contest for small hearts supported children from Cambodia, Russia and Ukraine and the winners are... I would like to thank everyone who voted, everyone who donated and all the children who participated in this first small hearts drawing contest to have. The success was very big and 1500 EUR were raised... Read more

Vaccination campaign for the children of the FLO children's home in Cambodia

small hearts supports the HEP-B vaccination of FLO children in Cambodia Cambodia is one of the most affected countries in the world when it comes to the spread of the hepatitis virus. Most people born in Cambodia with hepatitis B were infected as infants or young children. Hepatitis B virus (HBV), the leading cause of liver cancer and the seventh leading cause of death worldwide, affects approximately... Read more

School for all children in Cambodia

€25 : 3 meals a day for a child for a month €45 : Essentials for a child for a month includes: hygiene products, medical aid, school supplies, clothing Ratanakiri Province is a province in north-eastern Cambodia. The majority of Ratanakiri's population is made up of ethnic minorities, making up about 10... Read more

សូមអរគុណ "sam arkoum" Thanks!

Thanks to the sponsors of the needy children of the FLO children's home in Cambodia, the children could be provided with new blankets and pillows. Medicines and hygiene products could also be bought for the new school year. The children also received gifts, clothing and shoes from their respective godparents, which were bought locally. Yit, who is responsible for the local sponsorship project... Read more

We say thank you for the school bags

Thank you to all the benefactors who supported the One Small Heart, One School Bag project for underprivileged children! 6000 EUR were donated to little hearts, so we were able to give a school bag and school supplies to 230 needy children in Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia at the beginning of the school year. Thank you to all of our sponsors for... Read more