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All of our orphans in Burgenland have a sponsor.

Many of you have applied to sponsor our Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland. On behalf of the director, the staff of the orphanage and the 63 small children, the team at small hearts would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Some children have already received letters and packages from their godparents. A godmother has... Read more

Happiness is everything

It's already June 5th, more than 100 days of war, and the war is escalating. Bombs are falling everywhere, frightening the already traumatized population every day. People are injured or killed and evacuations are becoming increasingly difficult. Meanwhile my friends 1000 km away are preparing their holidays in the sun and are making … Read more

Painting competition - and the winners are ...

Drawing contest for small hearts supported children from Cambodia, Russia and Ukraine and the winners are... I would like to thank everyone who voted, everyone who donated and all the children who participated in this first small hearts drawing contest to have. The success was very big and 1500 EUR were raised... Read more

សូមអរគុណ "sam arkoum" Thanks!

Thanks to the sponsors of the needy children of the FLO children's home in Cambodia, the children could be provided with new blankets and pillows. Medicines and hygiene products could also be bought for the new school year. The children also received gifts, clothing and shoes from their respective godparents, which were bought locally. Yit, who is responsible for the local sponsorship project... Read more

Great support from the children's sponsors of the FLO children's home

Thanks to the monthly donations from the godparents of the children living in the FLO children's home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, school supplies and school uniforms for 85 children could be financed under the responsibility of FLO. The new school year begins on November 1st. All children were prepared with joy and energy. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, the FLO children's home was not able to... Read more

A meeting that goes to the heart

A meeting that goes to the heart

Anita tells us about her meeting with her godchild Marin in Cambodia in the FLO children's home, Phnom Penh, in July 2019 “We had a present for our godchild Marin in the children's home FLO with us. Finally the time had come and we took a TukTuk to the children's home. When we got there we were warmly… Read more

An emotional encounter

In February 2018 Lydia and Roman, godparents of “kleine herzen” from Germany, visited their godchild Bogdana in Ukraine. Bogdana lives with her 2 brothers and sister in the St. Joseph family house in Kyiv. Lydia and Roman, who were in Kyiv for personal reasons, spontaneously contacted the family home and shortly thereafter, in a friendly … Read more