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Football Cup small hearts 2021

Football cup small hearts 2021 Football cup small hearts 2021A project of Pskov Children's Foundation Why football? Football, a team sport, teaches children to live in society and to respect others, while awakening team spirit in all its forms, such as the spirit of competition and self-assertion within a group. On a physical level it is... Read more

a christmas present to a child in need

Be an angel, please join! When you give joy to a child in need and make them happy, there are no borders, no countries! Since 2012 there has been a Christmas angel campaign by small hearts. Around 1200 children from children's homes in the Ukraine and Russia will be given presents for Christmas with this. The special thing about the Christmas angel campaign is: … Read more

We say thank you for the school bags

Thank you to all the benefactors who supported the One Small Heart, One School Bag project for underprivileged children! 6000 EUR were donated to little hearts, so we were able to give a school bag and school supplies to 230 needy children in Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia at the beginning of the school year. Thank you to all of our sponsors for... Read more

A little heart - a school bag

Thanks to donations from generous people, we were able to help many families in May. We have delivered bags of much-needed food and hygiene products to over 200 families. Helping these families was an urgent need. On September 1st the children return to school. For some children it is the first year of school, without school bags, without ... Read more

Palliative care project for children in Kiev successfully completed

We are so happy! The project to open a palliative care unit for children in Kyiv has been fully completed. The two palliative care rooms have been active since September 2019. The second part of the project includes in particular the installation of oxygen in the palliative care rooms, the installation of a ventilation system, the renovation of the corridor and two additional rooms. Next to the corridor… Read more

Medical equipment does wonders for disabled children

Significant improvement in the health and well-being of severely disabled children at the Bobrovo Children's Home by providing 6 new medical beds and 9 stand-up lifts. Thanks! We would like to thank Kurt and Sonja Hog from Switzerland, the ORFG (Austrian-Russian Friendship Society) and private sponsors for their valuable support. The project: forced to live lying down - the children... Read more

Our journey in Russia

Our trip to Russia took us to two children's homes for severely disabled children. We were particularly touched by the care given to these children by competent and caring staff. 71 children and young adults live in the Bielsko Ustiye children's home, 20 of them in wheelchairs. The transport from one floor to another is done with the help of other children with all kinds of ... Read more

little hearts supports new projects in Ukraine 

The conflict in Ukraine entered its fifth year in 2018. The social, hygienic and medical situation is deteriorating rapidly. Despite the growing need for medical care, people are suffering more and more from the consequences of the 10,8% cut in the state health care budget in 2016. We would like to launch two new projects in Ukraine... Read more