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little hearts is a non-profit association that wants to give disadvantaged children in Ukraine and Cambodia a better future. With the help of volunteers, sponsorships and educational projects, we can ensure that no child is neglected. Since our inception in January 2007, we have helped hundreds of children attend school, participate in activities, revive their spirits and integrate into society.

Since its foundation and until June 2022, the small heart has supported disadvantaged children in the Pskov region in Russia and successfully implemented numerous projects to improve their living and educational conditions. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the international sanctions imposed on Russia, it is no longer possible to support Russian children.

And with every child we help, we make sure that we develop a personal relationship with them. Our transparent work and use of funds was awarded the Austrian Seal of Approval for Donations in 2010.


All employees work voluntarily
“No guilt is more urgent than giving thanks” Cicero

Pascale Vayer

Founder, chairwoman of small hearts Austria

Pascale Vayer

Small hearts was founded in 2006 by Pascale. With her inexhaustible energy, she acts as the chairwoman of the association and is its soul and its engine at the same time. Pascale is the mother of four adopted children and one foster child and has spent many months in orphanages in Russia and Ukraine. She knows the needs of the children and the local situation firsthand. Pascale lives with her husband and children in Lower Austria.

Award of the golden merit of the Republic of Austria - September 12, 2014

Dr. Jeannet-Susann Kiesling

Chairman small hearts eV Germany

Jeannet-Susann joined small hearts in 2010 and was initially deputy chairwoman of small hearts Austria. After moving from Vienna to Heidelberg, she founded small hearts Germany. Jeannet is a mother of three children and is mainly involved with projects in the Ukraine.

Ing. Mag. Stephan Kerstof

little hearts board

Stephan is a tax consultant and accountant and acts as a treasurer. Since October 2006 Stephan is the happy father of a little boy who was adopted from Russia. His personal experiences in Russia made him commit to small hearts.

Ing. Mag. Wolfgang Januska, MBA

little hearts board

Wolfgang is Manager Corporate Accounts, Konica Minolta Business Solutions AustriaAs the father of four adopted children and one foster child, some of whom grew up in orphanages in desolate circumstances, Wolfgang has acquired a special sensitivity to the situation of abandoned children. Through his support of heart small he wants to help children in disadvantaged countries get a fair chance at a happy life

Nathalie Loeffler

sponsor a child Ukraine for the orphans
in Burgenland

Nathalie has been helping the refugees since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. On March 27, Nathalie supported the evacuation of the orphanage with over 60 young children, which is currently housed in Burgenland, Austria.
Since then, Nathalie has supported the children of the orphanage and the staff. Nathalie is also responsible for the sponsorship of the little orphans in Burgenland.

Tatiana Komarova

Organization manager of the Ukrainian orphanage in Burgenland

Tatiana has been living in Austria for more than 10 years. In her professional life she was able to gain experience in the areas of organization and finance. Tatiana speaks Russian and German and takes care of the daily organizational requirements of the orphanage in Burgenland.


Sonja Krammer

A big heart for the Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland

Sonja, nicknamed Sonitschka by the staff at the Ukrainian orphanage currently located in Burgenland, supports the orphanage with energy and dedication. Thanks to Sonja, things that seem complicated to us are quickly solved. Our gratitude is huge. Thank you Sonichka!

Christine Marek

A big heart for the club and its children and our best advisor

Thanks to Christine's positive energy, excellent advice and support, little hearts has been able to effectively help hundreds of children and motivate those who get involved. Christine's help is priceless and her good humor is contagious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Christine!

Mag. Julia Stering

Press and Communication

Julia supports the association in the areas of press, communication and social media. She studied International Development and German Philology in Vienna and Zagreb and is committed to the protection and safety of children - no matter where.

Martha Happy

A heart of gold, a determined woman who makes the impossible possible

Marta is committed to the children with heart and soul. She is fully committed to the children's cause to achieve a result.

We are all impressed and grateful.

Mag. Anna Waldthaler

Sponsorship Russia (The sponsorships for Russian children are currently being discontinued.)

Anna supports the association in the field of sponsorship for Russian children. She has a degree in German and Russian (BA) as well as a teaching degree for German and Russian (Mag.) At the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz. She teaches German as a foreign and second language.

Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Stallkamp

A big heart for the club

Since 2013 Bernhard has been dedicating his time to supporting children and families in the Pskov region of Russia. It is thanks to his loyal commitment that companies in Germany could be motivated to support the projects from small hearts.

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