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War in Ukraine

Our mission is to help orphans in Ukraine, elderly people and families who lost everything due to the bombing.

In order to fulfill our mission, we work with reliable partners in Ukraine and Austria.

Our responsibility is great and we need financial support to care for our children, their companions and our elderly. We ask you to help us more now. Monetary donations are currently the best way to provide quick help. Please open your hearts! We assure you that 100% of your donations will be used to help those suffering as quickly as possible.

Urgent Projects

Support for 61 small Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland

Support for 61 small Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland

Pascale VayerJanuary 31, 20172 min read
Since the evacuation of the Ukrainian orphanage of Kropywnyzkyj for small children organized by small hearts on March 26 and 27, 2022, the 61 children aged 1 to 6 years, the 35 carers and their 16 children have been living in southern Burgenland in a former hotel, the Senecura heard. The hotel is spacious and very comfortable. Every … Read more
Save Me - Survival backpack for a war victim child

Save Me - Survival backpack for a war victim child

Pascale VayerJanuary 31, 20174 min read
Donate for a Save Me backpack for children who need to be evacuated from combat zones.
Sponsorship for a war-affected Ukrainian child

Sponsorship for a war-affected Ukrainian child

Pascale VayerOctober 25, 20222 min read
Open your heart and become a godmother to a war-affected Ukrainian child.

at the beginning of March we evacuated the first children's home from Kyiv, which we have been supporting for more than 15 years. Thanks to the valuable support of the municipality in Lower Austria where they live, the children and their foster mothers receive all the help they need for their life in Austria.

end of March we evacuated another orphanage for young children from central Ukraine. The 61 orphans, 38 employees and 15 children of employees live in a hotel in Burgenland thanks to the valuable support of Senecura and the community. 

end of June we evacuated 8 elderly people from Donbass region, the oldest of them is 88 years old. They live in Styria thanks to the support of the municipality.

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We ask for your generosity.

Help us help them by donating.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!