Our task

To help war-affected Ukrainian children and their families.

Giving vulnerable children in Cambodia living in extreme poverty access to education and healthcare.



In order to fulfill our mission, we work with reliable partners in Ukraine, Cambodia and Austria.


“Save Ukraine” is a non-profit association that coordinates dozens of organizations, volunteers, individuals and legal entities to help internally displaced people. The rescue of children kidnapped in Russia has attracted a great deal of international attention.

kleine herzen has co-financed the rescue of kidnapped Ukrainian children and provided valuable assistance in providing urgent support to refugee centers.


“Caritas Spes Ukraine” advocates for social justice by popularizing Christian charity. Our activities are aimed at overcoming poverty, establishing justice and restoring human dignity, regardless of religion, skin color, nationality, political or ideological beliefs.

kleine herzen has been cooperating with Caritas-Spes Ukraine for more than 17 years and has implemented many successful projects for the benefit of children.


Future Light Organization (FLO) is a Cambodian non-profit organization that cares for poor children, orphans, single parent children and abandoned children. Children of both sexes are provided with safe housing, food, clothing and school supplies, and are sent to public schools to learn basic skills.

kleine herzen has been cooperating with Future Light Organization since 2019 and has successfully implemented many educational projects for children together.


Our responsibility is great and we need financial support to take care of our children. We ask you to help us more now. Monetary donations are currently the best way to provide quick help. Please open your hearts! We assure you that 100% of your donations will be used to help those suffering as quickly as possible.

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Urgent Projects
Don't forget us!
Support for the 57 little Ukrainian orphans in Burgenland - Please don't forget us, you who helped us so much at the beginning of the war. We need your generosity, your support.
kleine herzen
Jan 1, 2024
Repatriation of Ukrainian children who were forcibly brought to Russia.
Thanks to the care and courage of our partner Save Ukraine, 100 children were able to return to Ukraine and see their families again. 14-year-old Dimitry (his name has been changed to respect his privacy) has found his mother after six months in various children's camps in Russia. He finds it difficult to talk about his history, about
kleine herzen
May 7, 2023
Smile with English
An educational project that introduces Ukrainian children to the English language through playful and educational activities.
kleine herzen
October 30, 2023
We ask for your generosity
Help us help them by donating.